The steps to a neuroinclusive workforce

Explore our initiatives to see how we help companies become neuroinclusive, step by step.


Frame the challenge

Creating a universal workforce that embraces neuroinclusivity is a broad change agenda and can seem overwhelming. Step 1 revolves around framing the challenge at hand.


Build a plan of action

We work closely with leaders and teams, providing guidance on implementing policies, procedures, and practices that chart a course towards neuroinclusivity.


Accelerate knowledge transfer

We aim to find a meaningful way to condense learning to aid knowledge transfer and overcome initiative overload.


Help neurodiverse candidates into work

The neurodiverse social group is underemployed primarily due to recruitment systems being designed with neurotypical people in mind. Our goal is to create a more accessible pathway for neurodiverse candidates to enter the workforce.


Neuroinclusivity maturity assessment

The first step to transforming organisational attitudes, behaviours, policies, processes, and systems involves measuring the current net state. Therefore, our aim is to make it easier for organisations to self diagnose their state of neuroinclusivity.


Neuroinclusivity behavioural change and development

To embrace diversity, organisations must shift from neurotypical standards they’ve been designed on. We believe that coaching team managers and leaders is key to sustaining changes in behavioural norms and fostering lasting inclusivity.

Next steps

Make the workforce better for everyone

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