4. Help neurodiverse candidates into work 

Only 2 in 5 of the neurodiverse social group have jobs, yet they make up over 10% of the population. One of the reasons for this is that recruitment systems have been designed to fit neurotypical individuals. We aim to make it easier for neurodiverse candidates to join the workforce.

What we are doing about it

In consultation with the industry, we are creating: 

A better neurodiversity career connector

We are working with Simplify Workforce Inc., Microsoft and the
Disability:IN community to improve career opportunities for neurodiverse individuals through further development and enrichment of the Neurodiversity Career Connector portal.

A visual aide to signpost the best companies to work for

We are developing a comprehensive system aimed at qualifying and assessing the credentials of employers to foster neuroinclusion support.

A search filter to make finding the perfect job simpler

We are developing a new type of search filter that allows neurodiverse candidates to be matched with jobs based on their preferences.

A series of interventions to act against bias and barriers to qualification

We are promoting progressive and inclusive approaches to performance reviews and candidate selection, eliminating the use of CVs as a selection tool. 

Next steps

Making the workforce better for everyone

As the next phase of our initiative, we are actively arranging consultation sessions with practitioner organisations. The primary goal of these sessions is to foster a comprehensive understanding of best practices in addressing the challenges associated with establishing a neuroinclusive workforce.

By engaging with experts in the field, we aim to gain valuable insights and expertise that we can then share with our clients. Our ultimate objective is to promote inclusivity and create workplaces that embrace and support neurodiverse individuals.