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Areas of activity

There is no one simple solution for creating a neuroinclusive work environment. A true transformation calls for organisations to make long-term changes, addressing various aspects of its operation.

The three areas we note are in need of dramatic improvement are to:

1. Help people from diverse social groups (including neurodiversity) into work

2. Shape a belonging culture (and systems, processes, policies, etc.) made for everyone

3. Support people in the workplace by giving them what they need irrespective of what that means


Real innovation

We scout the best diversity hiring and inclusivity-enabling technology from around the globe to offer our members exclusive deals on the tools that can supercharge their workforce. Our partnerships include:

Neurodiversity Career Connector

Microsoft & Simplify Workforce

The global neurodiverse talent ecosystem for companies that want to leverage the talent attraction of top global blue-chip corporations. The NCC is the place for neurodiverse individuals to find the right role. The development plan of NCC is directed by some of the top global corporations. Contact us to inquire about corporate sponsorship options.

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UWI/Simplify Workforce

Adopting best practice that comes out of our Steering Groups, and boasting the same core platform that underpins the Microsoft sponsored Neurodiversity Career Connector, is being built as a neurodiversity global talent digital marketplace for UWI members seeking to attract top neurodiverse talent.


Advanced Job Search Filter

In partnership with Simplify Workforce

To boost your neurodiversity talent appeal, integrate the Advanced Job Search Filter plugin to enrich your job board and federated job sites.


UWI/Chatreact/TalkNetwork/Simplify Workforce

Our community hub is being designed as a unique global ecosystem for community learning and engagement, giving talent leaders the opportunity to network and connect in various new ways.



Culture-fit work place ratings

Our FiveSmiles rating system plug-in seeks to highlight good employers and contracting companies able to demonstrate they have created a workplace culture made for you, made for everyone. Use our five star system on your job board or job site to rate suitable work places.  Please note, all FiveSmiles ratings are regulated by the UWI and may be subject to further checks.



Simplify Workforce/Encanvas

SeeBeyond is being built as a next generation federated and AI-powered talent insights ecosystem for mid and large organisations. Combining workforce and broader talent market data into one system, it’s designed to present a comprehensive single version of the truth. The system adopts a decoupled data layer, equipped with advanced fuzzy logic data aggregation and AI to analyse and aggregate data, generating KPIs, labour market insights, behavioural analytics, trend analysis, and predictive recommendations.


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