5. Help organisations diagnose and act on their neuroinclusivity maturity status

The first step to transforming organisational attitudes, behaviours, policies, processes, and systems involves measuring the current net state. Therefore, our aim is to make it easier for organisations to self diagnose their state of neuroinclusivity.

What we are doing about it

We have developed an initial version of a Maturity Assessment tool designed to help organisations evaluate their current state of neuroinclusivity. This assessment encompasses four stages of development:

1. Resistive

Applies to: companies that have a neurotypical environment, which reluctantly or unknowingly lets neurodiverse people in the door.

2. Accepting

Applies to: organisations where the company culture accepts neurodiversity, but has yet to make significant adjustments.

3. Supportive

Applies to: organisations in which the company culture has adapted to make-do and embrace neurodiversity.

4. Belonging

Applies to: companies where neurodiverse employees are fully integrated into the fabric of the organisation. We offer guidance on how to apply an analysis of these states for each of the key topics of organisational change.

Next steps

Making the workforce better for everyone

Currently, we are in the process of testing the neuroinclusivity maturity model with organisations involved in organisational design and transformation projects. This testing phase is essential to ensure that the model delivers the value we envision, acting as a tool for efficiently assessing the current state of neuroinclusivity adoption.