Our events enable workforce practitioners to connect with industry peers, evolve new approaches, and move beyond the systems, methods and behaviours of today to build the universal workforce of tomorrow.

Join Us at UnderOne Festival

Celebrating Unity through Diversity

University of Northampton, UK | 24-25 July 2024

UnderOne Festival, a global gathering dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We are more than just an event; we are a movement that celebrates the power of unity through diversity. At UnderOne, we believe in the transformational potential of inclusive communities and innovative ideas. Join us on a journey of inspiration, connection, and change.

Let’s Talk Disability

4pm BST/11am EST, 31st July 2024

Join The UWI for a LIVE event on LinkedIn this Disability Pride Month to explore the experiences of individuals with disabilities across different industries.

Sponsored by US Tech Solutions, this session will feature a panel discussion with inspiring advocates for disability inclusion from various professional backgrounds. Our panellists will share their unique perspectives on navigating the workplace as individuals with disabilities.

They’ll discuss: Challenges faced by employees with disabilities across different industries, strategies for creating a more inclusive and accessible work environment, and the importance of celebrating the diverse abilities and contributions of individuals with disabilities.

    Let’s Talk Women’s Equality

    26 August 2024 | 4pm GMT / 11am EST

    Join The UWI this August for a LIVE event on LinkedIn in celebration of Women’s Equality Day! 

    This interactive session, sponsored by USTech Solutions, will delve into the diverse experiences of women in work. Our esteemed panellists will share their perspectives on: the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in various professional settings, and strategies to overcome these challenges.

    • Gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and its impact in the workplace.
    • Learn from the experiences of successful neurodivergent individuals.
    • Discover practical solutions and strategies to foster greater inclusion in your organisation.

    Coming Soon: Inverting the Talent Pyramid

    4pm BST/11am EST, 5th September 2024

    Feeling stuck searching for diverse talent? You’re not alone. Many organisations struggle to build truly inclusive workforces, often missing out on talent from diverse backgrounds due to conventional talent acquisition methods.

    Our panel of leading experts dive into the challenges and misconceptions surrounding diverse talent acquisition, highlighting the compelling business case for inverting the talent pyramid. Walk away with valuable insights, actionable steps you can implement immediately, and useful resources to drive your DE&I strategy in 2024 and beyond.

    Join Us at The DEI Reframe Summit

    Exploring the 3 C’s behind Workplace DEI: Competency, Clarity, Compliance

    London, UK | 4-6 November 2024

    The DEI Reframe Summit 2024 is a unique gathering that serves as a cornerstone for DEI professionals dedicated to fostering true change through clarity, competency and compliance. 

    Organised by the Competency Centre of Workplace Equity, this event is designed to unite like minded individuals who share a passion to cultivate inclusive environments through long lasting practices and insight. As an independent consultant or in house DEI professional, the Summit will equip you with a competent practice handbook for your DEI development and your people. 

    Coming Soon: Blue Collar Workforce

    4pm BST/11am EST, 28th November 2024

    The war for talent is raging, and a critical sector is often overlooked: the skilled blue-collar workforce. This exclusive webinar will discuss how leveraging technology and curating talent pools can help organisations to attract, onboard and manage a blue collar workforce.

    More information coming soon.

      Past Events

      Are DE&I agendas dying or already dead?

      We examined the current DE&I landscape, discussed how to become a leader of change, and how to take the steps towards creating a comprehensive, sustainable and realistic DE&I roadmap.  We brought together DE&I leaders and change management experts to explore what leaders need to do differently in 2024 and beyond.

      How do organisations make neurodiversity hiring work?


      Our panel of seasoned neurodiversity experts and workforce consultants discussed the key priorities of fostering sustainable organisational change. The panel addressed the challenges of integrating neurodiverse talent into the contingent workforceand how to build a neurodiversity strategy that drives lasting impact.

      Dialling in D&I into Work Culture

      With the help of top consultants, we delved into a 5-step framework to craft and embed successful inclusion initiatives We gained insight into best practices for each stage of a change management program to help build strong foundations for cultivating a culture where everyone weeks valued, respected, and empowered.

      Let’s Talk About Neurodiversity


      In recognition of Neurodiversity Month this past April, we hosted a virtual event exploring the diverse experiences of neurodivergent individuals across different industries, with sponsorship from USTech Solutions.

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