3. Accelerate knowledge transfer 

Our objective: To find a meaningful way to condense learning to aid knowledge transfer and overcome initiative overload 

Navigating the spectrum of inclusion

The spectrum of social diversity, including conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Tourette Syndrome, physical disability, and gender inequality, presents a vast amount of information to learn and comprehend. A lack of knowledge and appreciation of diverse experiences can lead to friction and heightened anxieties for all parties involved.

However, the problem is not the absence of knowledge, but rather finding effective ways to absorb and disseminate it. There must be a harmonisation of understanding to empower individuals and organisations to act on this knowledge.  By promoting a culture of empathy, learning, and inclusivity, we can work towards creating a more supportive and accommodating environment for everyone.

What we are doing about it

In collaboration with the International Institute for Information Design and the staffing industry, including not-for-profit organisations and diversity specialists, we are developing flashcards that provide concise summaries of each topic’s key aspects.

Flashcards are a powerful information design approach to efficiently cascading knowledge. They optimise knowledge transfer by condensing information, saving time in the learning process.

Not only do we believe flashcards make it easier to transfer knowledge, but they also help in the exercise of harmonising plans and initiatives so that a coordinated agenda for change can be established. Through this approach, we strive to expand knowledge and foster a more inclusive environment for all.

Next steps

Making the workforce better for everyone

At present, we are in the midst of research and discovery. We invite anyone who believes they can contribute valuable insights or ideas to reach out and collaborate with us!