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Replace CVs

CVs don’t work: They haven’t worked for some time, and maybe they never did.  For many, they are a barrier to work – and the way organisations filter candidates by treating CVs as the whole truth is at best unhelpful. That’s where Self-cards come in.


Signpost that your organisation offers a good work culture

For us, a good work place is somewhere that encourages everyone to bring their whole selves to work, and it engenders that feeling of belonging.  Our FiveSmiles grading sets good work cultures apart for candidates.


Equip middle managers with key knowledge about diversities

The knowledge needed to understand diversity in all of its forms can become overwhelming for busy managers.  That’s why we’ve created Flashcards.  They offer a short-form summary of what managers should know about neurodiverse candidates.


Your inclusivity Steering Wheel 

Our Steering Wheel change model will steer your course to a workforce culture that works.  Each element of the steering wheel demands focus and effort from your leadership team to ensure a broad base of diversity talent can be attracted, retained and motivated to deliver your workforce ambitions. 


Self-assessment maturity model

Before you start your transformational journey (or progress any further along it) it pays to know where you are today.  Our Self-assessment maturity model is the simplest way to accomplish this. 


Workshop tools

There are four steps needed to make a transformational programme work.  These are, to: (1) Know  where you are today, (2) Gain a consensus understanding of what good looks like, (3) Obtain executive and stakeholder buy-in, and (4) Set out a measurable plan.  To start the journey, try out our conversation starters and workshop tools!

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