Five Smiles

FiveSmiles Rating image

The FiveSmiles rating system is a measure of operating culture inclusivity (neurodiversity readiness) organisations can use to signpost their commitment to embracing neurodivergent employees and contractors.

What FiveSmiles measures

A mechanism to signpost the suitability of employers to job hunters that evidences five telltale signs of a neurodiversity friendly employer!

Inclusive recruitment

It’s essential that recruitment and onboarding processes are signposting correctly to neurodiverse applicants. We want to see evidence that the fundamental building blocks of a neuroinclusive recruitment approach are being adopted.

Inclusive policies

We want to see evidence of the organisation’s commitment to respect individual differences framed in organisational policies to support neurodiversity.

A responsible 'everyone in' culture

We want to see evidence of efforts made to create a neuroinclusive universal workforce culture.

Takes steps to ensure 'whole workforce' welfare

We want to see organisations creating a nurturing environment around day to day needs and offer mechanisms for feedback and support on occasions when managers and workers need a helping hand. We’re talking about proactive measures (i.e., evidence of doing it, not talking about it).

Constantly listening and learning to do better

We want to see evidence that organisations are installing mechanisms to encourage feedback from their workforce, have set mechanisms to measure performance and are constantly learning how to do better.

Next steps

Make the workforce better for everyone

Designed BY neurodiverse people FOR neurodiverse people, our FiveSmiles rating system highlights the measures an organisation has adopted to create an inclusive company culture.

It acts as a signpost to the neurodiverse community as the likely welcome they are going to receive when joining a company. We’re not interested in how many different forms of neurodiversity exist across a workforce, but we are interested in the fundamentals that set a path to welcoming neurodiverse people.

The rewards of adopting this system include:

  • Clear signposting to neurodiverse candidates that they are welcome and will be looked after by your company as a responsible and inclusive employer.
  • Demonstrates to all stakeholders a well-rounded approach and commitment to an inclusive (universal) workforce culture.
  • Even for neurotypical candidates, promotes cultural credentials–why would you want to work for a business that encourages groupthink?