2. Build a plan of action

We work closely with leaders and teams, providing guidance on implementing policies, procedures, and practices that chart a course towards neuroinclusivity.


What we are doing about it

We have been collaborating closely with practitioners to develop a delivery planning model we call the UWI Steering Wheel. This model identifies the key areas of change that require attention. It is important to note that the model is dynamic and subject to refinement through ongoing research and consultations.

Our Work Groups bring together professionals who can contribute their expertise in these activity areas. The Steering Wheel also frames our event planning and discussion topics, ensuring our efforts remain focused and aligned with our goals.

The UWI Neuroinclusivity Model

1. Strategy

  • Diagnosis
  • Objectivity
  • Maturity

2. Remodelling

  • Leadership &
  • Behaviours
  • Culture
  • Comms

3. Marketplace

  • Recruitment
  • Outreach/Engagement
  • Onboarding

4. Habits

  • Environments
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Legal & Compliance

5. Wellbeing

  • Mediation
  • Accommodation

6. Review

  • Evolution
  • Measurement
The Universal Workforce Neuroinclusivity Model

Making the workforce better for everyone

As the next phase of our initiative, we are actively arranging consultation sessions with practitioner organisations. The primary goal of these sessions is to foster a comprehensive understanding of best practices in addressing the challenges associated with establishing a neuroinclusive workforce.

image of a neurodiverse worker